Who is Access Easy English?

Cathy is acknowledged by her peers as a highly experienced, skilled practitioner in the field of Easy English. She has been at the forefront of the development of quality standards and benchmarks for Easy English. She is recognised both nationally and internationally for this work, including writing the original and subsequent guidelines for Easy English in the mid 2000’s. The guidelines are constantly updated as findings from research occur. She has worked with colleagues in South Korea to adapt the guidelines for their language.

Cathy is an invited plenary speaker, and often presents at both national and international conferences on Easy English, its current status and needs for the future.

Cathy was awarded a Victorian Government Ethel Temby scholarship for an investigative study into international trends and accreditation for Easy English writing and publications in 2011.

Cathy is a trained Speech Pathologist. She has a background of more than 35 years of experience in working with people with multiple and complex communication needs, in particular people with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disability.

Cathy is a published author in Easy English and the use of Key Word Sign (formerly Makaton).

Access Easy English
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