About Easy English

What is Easy English?

It is written information for people with low literacy.

This is 44% of the adult (16- 65 years) Australian population. OECD, 2013- 2019, ABS, #4228. This data excludes rural and remote Aboriginal people and people who live in institutions.

Easy English will

Write in the audience’s everyday words.

Use simple sentence structure.

Support the messages with meaningful and clear images.

Use effective layout.

Have functional consumer reviews.

Is best practice for people with low literacy.

Who can benefit?

Everyone can benefit. Some people can benefit more.

Two peopel reading a pamphlet together
a person reading a paper
A man looking at a letter with confusion

It may be people with

  • acquired disabilities. Eg: after a stroke or car accident, head injury, or dementia
  • lifelong disabilities. Eg: someone with Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy or Autism
  • psychiatric or mental illness
  • dyslexia. This is a person who has difficulty reading and understanding the written word
  • poor educational outcomes
  • early school leavers
  • older people
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • different cultural backgrounds. Eg: a person who speaks English as a second language
  • hearing impairment and/or people from the Deaf community.

Think about people who are

  • sick or ill
  • time poor
  • stressed
  • caring for other people.

It may be

  • Australians visiting other parts of Australia, or international tourists
  • people on working visas
  • people on student visas
  • migrants
  • refugees.

What can you write in Easy English?

Key words about what can you write in Easy English

Any written content can be developed in Easy English. Think about customers and staff.

And then there is Digital Literacy……

Don't assume that each person

  • Has access to the internet
  • Can locate content on websites and Apps
  • Can read, understand and action any task.

What effect do you think

  • Low literacy has on a person’s ability to access and read your website or Apps?
  • Low digital literacy, which may be a person with adequate literacy skills, has on a person’s ability to access and read your website or Apps?

Go to Digital Literacy and Easy English. Click here.

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