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About private training / webinar

Is the private training/webinar session right for me?

If it is not right for you, we will make it right for you. Easy English has been running training and webinars for decades. A wide range of groups and organisations, including department staff, community members, and people with low literacy, have taken training from us.

Who is my trainer?

Cathy Basterfield. She is a trained Speech Pathologist, with 35 years’ experience. Know more about your trainer.

Who are in the team?

An Easy English experts team consists of experienced language support specialists. The team is led by Cathy Basterfield. She is a trained Speech Pathologist, with 35 years’ experience. Know more about the team.

What am I going to learn?

Have a discussion with us and we will develop the training/webinar that closely fits your needs.

When and where will the it be delivered?

Request your own dates. The session(s) can be done face-to-face or online.

How long would a session take?

Training: 2 days (7 hours per day).
Webinar: Varies between 1 - 3 hours. Choose from one-off or a series.
Duration can be customised.

How much is the cost?

It depends on individual session requirements.
We are happy to make a free quote for you.

How do I book my first private training/webinar session?

Simply contact Cathy and she will talk you through it. Contact information.

Have more questions?

Contact us now.

Steps to have your private training / webinar



Have a rough idea of the topic you want to focus on. Tell us the skills and knowledge you are keen to develop.  



Let us know the background and the number of potential participants.  


Dates & place

Request your own date(s). You have the option to do it face to face or online. 


Design & quote

Depending on your needs, we will design the training/webinar for you and
make a free quote



Gain Easy English skills and knowledge to make your English understood by everyone.

Some organisations who have completed training

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