Why use Easy English?

For business owners

Are your customers or clients able to follow your information?

Does your customer or client

  • know when repayments need to happen?
  • understand the fees to be charged and why?
  • know how to avoid extra charges?
  • understand what they are purchasing?
  • know when returns can occur, and under what circumstances?
  • know how to give feedback or make a complaint?

Using Easy English you will...

Increase the number of people using your business.

Increase the number of people who understand your information.

Have happy customers, who want to return to you. 

Reduce complaints. Customers have a greater understanding of your information.

Reduce the time front of house staff have to explain information, fill in forms for clients etc.

Grow your business.

You will develop a reputation for being a socially inclusive and welcoming business.


Your business will truly reflect the needs of individuals.

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