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Access Easy English interprets documents into simple everyday language, supported with images.

It means more people can

  • read
  • understand
  • actively use your written information.

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44% of Australian adults (15-65 years old) do not have well enough developed literacy skills to read a range of different documents .

This means 7.3 million adult Australians have low literacy skills. 

(Report No. 4228.0). 2013  www.abs.gov.au.

Current Resources

Some current publications
from Access Easy English

Victorian Government Royal Commission into         Mental Health Systems

How to make a Submission Submissions close 5 July 2019
Consultation Report
About the Royal Commission (Letters Patent)
Terms of Reference

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Safeguards Project

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Family Planning Victoria

Sexual Health Fact Sheets 

12 Fact Sheets.

Download or request copies to be sent to you.

Country Fire Authority, Victoria.

How to be Safe from Bushfire in Victoria

4 books & a set of questions to plan.

Victorian government logo. Department of Health and Human services logo. Black words on white backgroundVictorian Government DHHS


  1. Can I do this task?                                                  Help for Allied Health Assistants and                      Support Workers.
  1. Quality of Support Review. Look for the heading Quality of Support Review 2/3 of way down the page.
  2. Human Services Standards. Scroll 2/3 way down the page for the Easy English version



Australasian Society of Intellectual Disabilities.

Conference Program for Hobart, 2017


Training Opportunities


2 day Easy English training

Brisbane – Thursday and Friday 11 & 12 July, 2019

Sydney – Monday and Tuesday 15 & 16 July, 2019

Melbourne – Thursday and Friday 28 & 29 November, 2019

Adelaide – TBC – November, 2019. Email your interest


Individuals or groups can request training. Email me to request something specific for your organisation or region or city. cathy@acesseasyenglish.com.au

More information on Easy English training

More information about Communication and Interaction workshops for people with little or no speech.

Coming Soon

Look out for new resources from

  • Audit Office NSW
  • Benalla Rural City Council – Access and Inclusion Plan
  • Frankston City Council – Parking Permits
  • HeadWay Gippsland
  • HireUp
  • Inclusion Melbourne – I can vote 2018.
  • Northern Territory. Office of Disability
  • People with Disability Australia
  • Western Australia Mental Health Commission.


More Access Easy English examples

logo 2018International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) 2016 and 2018 Conference

2018 Program General Information

Each day of the program was also available in Easy English.

Contact me to find out more.

Code of Conduct 2018

Code of Conduct 2016

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More Facts!

Federal Government Preferred Provider Status

Access Easy English has Federal Government Preferred Provider Status for Easy English training.

Ask me what it means for your Department.


Senate Appearance

Cathy was invited to appear at the Australian Government Senate  Community Affairs References committee CentreLink public hearing on Thursday 27 April 2017. This followed her submission to the Senate enquiry, earlier in the month.

Submission 116     Senate Report    Chap 6 Conclusion; Recommendation 9      Government Response



Journal Publications from Access Easy English

Basterfield (2018) Access to written information: a social equity, social justice issue. Clarity. 78 pp 18 – 22

Email Cathy@accessseasyenglish.com.au to request a copy.



2019 Conference Presentations

IAFL  Conference (International Association of forensic Linguistics) July, 2019 Melbourne , Australia

Basterfield, C. Access to Written Information: Language and the Legal Process

IASSIDD Conference (International Associations for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.) August, 2019 Glasgow, Scotland

Basterfield, C. What’s in a name? Easy English or Easy Read: Does it matter?

Basterfield, C. Legal Literacy. What do we know?

PLAIN Conference (Plain Language Association International) September, Oslo, Norway

Basterfield, C. Images Everywhere: What Do I Use?