Who needs Easy English?

Everyone can benefit from access to Easy English

Some people can benefit more....

Think about people with
  • acquired disabilities. Eg: after a stroke, head injury or after a car accident;
  • lifelong disabilities. Eg: someone with Down’s Syndrome, Intellectual Disability or Autism;
  • poor educational outcomes;
  • psychiatric or mental illness;
  • dyslexia. i.e. Someone who has difficulty interpreting, reading and understanding the written word;
  • early school leavers;
  • older people;
  • different cultural backgrounds. Eg: someone speaks English as a second language;
  • hearing impaired and/or people from the Deaf community.
man on couch reading a pile of a4 papers
Also think about people who are:
  • sick or ill;
  • time poor;
  • stressed;
  • caring for other people.
Engage with people visiting Australia:
  • tourists;
  • people on working visas;
  • people on student visas, etc.
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