Some topic ideas in Easy English

What topics can be written in Easy English?
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What topics can be written in Easy English?
The topics are endless, but here are a few to get you thinking.


What other topics do we need to include here?


And then there is ….Computer Literacy……what effect does non functional literacy have on a person’s ability to access and read your website?

Safety Information.

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Work Safety

Think about the chemical make up for cleaning and material development, safety gear to be worn, warning signs, procedures and contracts.

Entitlements, assessments such as OH&S tests or forklift licence and complaints procedures can be difficult to understand.

What else can you think of to make your workplace safe?

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Home Safety 

What about all the chemicals around your home? Can you read and understand them enough to know how to mix them, how to use them and how to manage if there is a spillage?

Where else are there instructions or information in your home? For safety around your home, these need to be in Easy English.

older lady with nurse. Signing form. May be consent for an operationHealth information

This includes anything described as information written as Health Literacy. Think about any chronic disease, admissions procedures, consent form, parents searching for information on childhood illnesses, and vaccinations, mental health issues and nutritional information on packets.

Health Insurance is very complex to understand. Do you know what your Health Insurance package contains? What are your co-payments? What are your gap payments?


What health information do you want to know more about? Let’s have it in Easy English.

Legal information



This includes any time someone comes into contact with the legal system, from first police contact, making a statement as a witness, victim or perpetrator, court letters, solicitor letters, directions for community based orders, etc


What do laws mean to you, the consumer, such as new laws regarding access to services & complaints procedures?

Think about information for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or NBN.  What new laws are written which the public need to understand?

Think about your phone contract, house mortgage contracts, rental contracts or Will. Can you really understand these? You have the Right to be able to read, understand and know what the information means for you.

What do you want to see change?


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Financial Information

Superannuation, house & car insurance and liability, health insurance, builders contracts, mortgages, rental leases are all examples of financial information. Bills from your phone contractor, water bill or electricity providers are also financial information.

What else needs to be in Easy English?

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Government Information

All levels of government produce many different documents for the public.

Think about application forms, eligibility criteria, appointment letters, release of information, fact sheets about the department or information packs, grievance procedures, feedback and complaints, strategic plans, annual reports, department reports and committee reports.

What about cancellation of services and change of access to services and any fees or co-payments?

Government departments ask for information from the public. There are discussion papers, and committee key criteria to address. Do you know your Rights and Responsibilities in your interactions with a government department?

All this information needs to be available in Easy English.

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Education Information

School reports, school newsletters, permission forms for excursions, release of private information, meeting requests with teachers all need to be available to parents in Easy English.

Recent examples demonstrate clearly, items such as excursion or permission forms are signed and returned to staff more often, more quickly and with the right information for staff. People with limited literacy have shown they do participate more in this process when they are engaged in the content via the use of Easy English.

What would you like to see written in Easy English in your school or educational facility or day program?

Then there are the students who have non functional literacy. PISA results tell us 20% of 14 & 15 year old’s have non functional literacy.

How do these students continue to participate in their education?

An assessment matrix or topic content can be developed into Easy English?

man confused reading a bookAll students have the right to access their education in a way that is meaningful to them.

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Leisure and Participation in your community

Every day we read information about activities and events in our community. Increase the number of people who come to your events by having information written in Easy English.

Think about promotional brochures and posters, program descriptions, ticket purchases, car parking and other access information as well as cancellation fees.

People need to know the rules to be able to play a sporting activity or other event. Make sure these are available in Easy English too.

Then there are day to day activities in the home; how to put a piece of furniture together, learn to use a new appliance, recipes, our magazines and news articles.

What do you think needs to be in Easy English in leisure and community activities?


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insurance policies
Have you heard these terms?
  • Health Literacy
  • Legal Literacy
  • Mental Health Literacy
  • Aphasia Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Computer literacy?

These are all specialist topic areas.


Is the content in Easy English?

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