Legislative and Policy Framework

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UN Convention on Rights of People with Disability. 2006.
Australia is a signatory to this convention.
Article 9 and 21 of this Convention are of particular importance when you consider access to information.
A. Primary Version

B. Plain Language Version

C. Easy Read Version (UK)

D. Example pages developed by Access Easy English into Easy English.
Example of Easy English for Article 9 of the UNCRPD

Map of Australia. Each state marked in different colors

Australian Federal Government.


Some specific laws, policies and current policies relating to Access to Information and Easy English.

Australian Human Rights Commission Act, 1986

The Australian Human Rights Commission explains

further about various Rights based laws.

Disability Discrimination Act 1992

National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill 2012

National Disability Strategy 2010-2020

National Standards for Disability Services

Disability Standards for Education, 2005

Health Literacy National Statement. 2012

If there are other Australian Federal laws, policies and strategies you think should be listed here, as they relate to Access to Information, in particular to Easy English, email me at cathy@accesseasyenglish.com.au

Map of Victoria


As an example, these are some of the laws in Victoria which apply to Easy English.

Victorian Human Rights and Responsibility Charter. 2006.

A. Primary Version
B. Plain Language with some images

Victorian Disability Act. 2006.

A. Primary Version

Victorian Disability State Plan, 2013 – 2016

A. Primary Version
B. Easy English Version

Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010

A. Primary Version

Victorian Government External Communications Access Policy 2014

A. Primary Version

In 2014 Access Easy English wrote How to comply with the Victorian Government Accessible Communication Guidelines 2014 for the Victorian Government intranet. It is available to assist all staff working in the government to begin to learn about and use Easy English. Search for it on the Victorian Government Intranet.

I will continue to add further laws here. I would be happy for you to email me specific laws you know of, that relate to Access to Information, and Easy English so this list stays relevant to everyone in Australia.

Email cathy@accesseasyenglish.com.au

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