International Examples

International Examples

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Internationally there is work being completed in different ways for people with low literacy. These are just some of the organisations working in this area.


  • work together with people with low literacy to complete projects;  or
  • invite consumers to provide feedback prior to publication.

On reflecting on the examples here, you will see different:

  • audience needs being met;
  • styles being used;
  • levels of language;
  • images in use.

These examples are great to help you reflect on what you need for your audience.

Different organisations are

  • using different media;  or
  • different types of things we all read. eg: reading for leisure materials.

The work being developed in Australia consistently has the person with the lowest literacy skills in mind.


      Easy English

      What other labels are there?

      Need to find some more                      examples.

      Try a search using some of these         labels

  •  Easy Read
  •  Information for All
  •  Easy-to-Read


Br Center

US based. A library of resources of their work. Often available in English and Spanish. Many projects include short audio clips with training workbooks.

In 3 areas: Advocacy Employment and Community Living


Change People

UK based. A library of free resources as well as publications for sale. Many projects in the area of Reports by the UK government, Rights, Health, Sexual health and healthy relationships.


Inspired Services

UK based. A wide range of free resources and some publications for sale.

They complete many UK government based reports and discussion papers, as well as many documents to assist people to access their community in a more meaningful way.




Email me about other international organisations doing work in the area of Easy English or Easy-to-read. I am always happy to add other examples here.



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planning-plan-strategy-data-information-policy-vision-concept-50645283 dreams

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Papunet. Finnish Easy to Read Center

Finland based. Write in both Finnish and Swedish.

  1. A range of leisure based resources for people with disabilities who have low literacy, including a magazine , social media, 8 page newspaper and games (instructions).
  2. Write  government and non government information.


Swedish Lattlast (Easy To Read) Center

Swedish based.

  1. Modifies already published books into simplified Swedish language for people following a stroke or for learning Swedish as a second language.
  2. Translates Swedish government and non government information for the same audience.
  3. Write an 8 page newspaper, 8 sidor for the same audience.



Canadian based. A range of projects completed in various topic areas with free resources developed for each project. Some resources are explanatory notes, others are developed for people with low literacy.

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