Easy English Services

Access Easy English will provide you with a
personalised service for your business.

Access Easy English will provide:

  • Expert advice on how to introduce Easy English to your business;
  • Expert advice in identifying documents to be interpreted into Easy English;
  • Expert advice in interpreting documents into Easy English;
  • Expert development of documents into Easy English;
  • Quality project management and time management;
  • Expert assistance in identifying and completing consumer review of documents.

I will provide you with training and/or consultative services, as appropriate for your business.

I provide value for money in developing functional and accurate Easy English translations.

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Who is Access Easy English?

Access Easy English is owned by           Cathy Basterfield.

Cathy Basterfield has a national and international reputation in the development of Easy English.

Cathy is acknowledged by her peers as a highly experienced, skilled practitioner in the field of Easy English. She is also recognised as being at the forefront of the development of Easy English in Australia, being one of the first practitioners in this specialist field. She has been at the forefront of the development of quality standards and benchmarks for Easy English.

Cathy was awarded a Victorian Government Ethel Temby scholarship for an investigative study into international trends and accreditation for Easy English writing and publications in 2011. Cathy attended and presented 2 papers at the International Plain Language Conference, in Sweden, as part of this investigative study.

Cathy is regularly invited to present at conferences on this subject matter.

Cathy is a trained Speech Pathologist. She has a background of  30 years experience in working with people with Complex Communication Needs.

She has a wide breadth of skills and knowledge in working with people with Complex Communication Needs. Cathy devises functional and meaningful communication for people with little or no speech.

Cathy is a published author in Easy English and the use of Key Word Sign (formerly Makaton).


Registrations and Affiliations

Cathy is registered with

Cathy is a member of

Submissions to Government Inquiries.


Federal Government Banking Royal Commission into  Misconduct in  the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry


Australian Government Senate Inquiry. Inquiry into the design, scope, cost-benefit analysis, contracts awarded and implementation associated with the Better Management of the Social Welfare System initiative. Submission 116

Cathy has been invited to present at a public hearing on

27 April, 2017.


Victorian Government Access to Justice review and report. Submission 38


Royal Commission into Family Violence Report. Submission


Current Publications

  • Basterfield and Starford (2014) Plain Language for Access to Democracy and Citizenship. Clarity. 72 (2) pp22-25.
  • Basterfield (2009 ) Raising awareness of the importance of functional literacy skills. Australian Communication Quarterly Vol. 11 No. 2
  • Brownlie, Basterfield and Bloomberg (2006) Let’s Play with Sign
  • Easy English. How to comply with the Victorian Government Communication Accessible Guidelines. 2014
  • Easy English Writing Style Guide (2005, 2007), Scope.
  • Images for Easy English (2008), Scope.

Conference Presentations


March 2018.

Virtual Disability Conference

Better Evidence of Easy English. Better Outcomes. What is the research Saying?

June 2018

National Disability Services Virtual Conference

How to empower clients. Access to NDIS services and other activities.

July 2018

ISAAC Gold Coast

  1. Why ACCess to Meaningful Written Information is a social equity, social justice issue.
  2. Use Easy English. AACcess All Areas What is the research saying?
  3. Marketing on a shoestring – ACCessing Key Word Sign. Poster presentation. – canceled poster

October 2018 

National Employment Solutions  Gold Coast

Easy English:  A critical addition to workplaces.


Cathy can provide you with further specific examples of current publications and conference presentations, upon request. cathy@accesseasyenglish.com.au

Previous Conference Papers and Posters

VALID. Geelong     Computers and the Internet

AGOSCI, Melbourne

Easy English: Are you Ready to know more about everyday language.                 Get Set for some AACtion with Key Word Sign with Tarryn Bracken.

Speech Pathology Australia, Sydney

The speech pathology role in health literacy

ASID, Hobart.

Easy English: Functional choices – Everyday words and sentences

IASSID, Bangkok.

Are Vocabulary Choices the Same in Easy English Documents in Different Parts of the world?



1. Melbourne Social Equity Institute – Disability, Equity and Rights Conference. What happens when clients have non-functional literacy?  Various papers from the conference or read a summary on Twitter at #socialequity16

2. VALID Having A Say Conference.

Easy English. How to make written information easier to read.

3. Connecting Up. – Advancing towards 2020. Connecting up vulnerable people in our community.

How important is literacy to engaging with our communities?

4. IASSIDD 16 Various papers and Tweets #iassidd16

Health Literacy. What do you really need? – Paper Presentation

Do we take it for granted everyone is connected to and can access the internet? – Poster

5.  Clarity 2016.

Paper: Access to written information:  A social equity, social justice issue


Speed Learning session: Easy English – a case study: Hidden Discrimination.


1. Speech Pathology Australia Conference. May 2014.
Basterfield. “Connections in our Communities. What happens when consumers have non functional literacy?”
2. VALID. Having Your Say Conference, Geelong. February 2014
Basterfield. “Is your organisation accessible? The case for Easy English.”

International PLAIN conference. Vancouver, Canada.
Basterfield, Cathy and Starford, Mark (US).
“Plain Language for Democracy and Engagement”
2nd World Congress on Adult Guardianship.
Guardianship and the United Nations Disabilities Convention: Australian and International Perspectives
Basterfield. Poster – “I don’t understand what it says. What do I do now?”
Basterfield. “Access to information. Everyone’s human right.”